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About Us

CleanConnect is revolutionary and a business friendly product designed specifically to cater to the demands of contract procurement in the cleaning industry online.

It is the only service provider which has allowed itself to cater to all companies/businesses requirements at the click of a button, making the awarding of a cleaning contract application process faster, cheaper and more effective for all parties.

CleanConnect has the software and technology, which will allow prospective companies/businesses to communicate with a range of competitive commercial cleaning contractors with a view to securing the most competitive and reliable quotes available on the market, Live in real time.

This ability to provide Australian businesses with automated online Live Quotes, will change the future of awarding a cleaning contract processes and the industry.

By using CleanConnect you will allow your business to be at the forefront of financial competition by attaining a quote that is quick, effective and hassle-free, giving you peace of mind.

CleanConnect is revolutionising the commercial cleaning Industry, awarding cleaning contracts has never been this easy.

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